Sanitization Precautions

Our salon makes sure to provide a very sanitized setting for our clients. Cleanliness is greatly emphasized to cater great service and experience to our customers. We take specific procedures to sanitize our tools and the salon itself.

Here follows a list of sanitary precautions we take:
We begin with cleaning the spa tools with soap, scrub them with a brush and run them under warm – hot water. Then, we emerge the tools into 70% isopropyl alcohol for a minimum of 10 minutes and is then removed and let to air dry on a clean towel. After the tools have dried, we place them into a germicidal sterilizer until ready for use.

Such procedures are done after each use.

Soap and clean brush with coarse bristles.
70% Isopropyl Alcohol.
Stainless steel spa tools. ( i.e. Cuticle clippers, nail clippers, and cuticle pushers. )
Germicidal Sterilizer.

After every client we make sure to wipe and disinfect every pedicure and manicure spa station.
Throughout the day we run our EVR system ( ventilation system ) with 500CFM to provide our clients with the freshest air possible.
Every evening before closing, we make sure to wipe down all chairs and tables with disinfectant spray and clean towels. We also fill the tubs with warm – hot water, fill it with 1 cup of bleach and run the jets for maximal sanitation. In addition we make sure to sweep the floors and dispose of the garbage bags to remove fumes and chemicals.